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Don’t just fund your retirement…Overfund It!™



You have definite ideas about retirement —places to go, people to see, things to do. Make them happen with secure holdings that are custom fit for you.

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Our staff will help you every step of the way and make you feel right at home. Never pushy, no sales pitch. The first step is to start—its easy and costs nothing!

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Seven out of ten of us will need long term care assistance in our lifetimes. But for how long? When? Enjoy serious long term care protection without paying annual premiums.

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In the old days, life insurance was stodgy, cut, and dried. Today, it is cutting edge. People are living longer, costs are lower, and accumulation potential is high.

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Planning is important, but low interest rates and unpredictable markets can kill a good plan. Invest, but also insure important outcomes. Success can be yours.

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The Overfund Life™ strategy keeps more of your personal finances out of public scrutiny. Life insurance and annuities are protected from creditors in most states.

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Retire. Stay Retired

It's Locked In.

While many investors chase yield on Wall Street, hoping for eventual success, others are getting more income and more for heirs with life insurance and annuities.

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Where will you stand financially in five, ten, and twenty years from now? Do you know? You can. Overfund Life™ combines serious financial products with serious guarantees..

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Have you seen the poor performance of most 529 plans? Besides the spotty track record, fees, and risk, the restrictions are many. Overfund Life can be your answer.

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Tax Deductible

Tax Smart

You and your business or medical practice may qualify for six figure tax deductions, and seven figure accumulation potential.

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What is Overfunded Life?

The term “overfunded life” refers to a commonly accepted financial strategy of intentionally lowering the death benefit on a cash value life insurance policy to focus on greater cash accumulation and income… Read More

Why is it Rising in Demand?

Most investors see the writing on the wall with today’s stock market. The low hanging fruit has already been plucked. Prudent investors are locking in their gains now and moving to safer havens. The best bang for the buck?

Who is Using Overfunded Life?

Our clients include engineers, physicians, dentists, accountants, business owners, technicians, and retirees who want to lower taxes, increase income, and solidify their net worth. How about you? Get your free analysis click below!

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  • Learn the secrets of wealthy investors who use overfunding in their own plans.

  • The Ultimate 401k Alternative — Build equity in your future without stock market risk: protect your family from loss and your business from frivolous lawsuits.

  • Learn a tactical strategy to build a seven figure retirement — and a six figure income, tax free.

  • Build equity in your own personal and private “bank” — a cash rich policy with liquid tax free access.

Certified Income Specialist Steve Jurich is a seasoned retirement coach and financial advisor whose clients come first. He is the author of Smart Is The New Rich (Amazon.com) and has made more than 400 radio appearances.

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Retire on Your Terms

  • Overfund Your Retirement Income
    Overfund Your Retirement Income

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    Max Funded IUL


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  • Secure Liquid Long Term Care Benefits, No Annual Premium Payments
    Secure Liquid Long Term Care Benefits, No Annual Premium Payments

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  • Overfunding For Liquid Cash Values
    Overfunding For Liquid Cash Values

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Don’t just fund your retirement… Overfund it.

  • Maintain Liquidity
    The Wealthy live on passive income that never quits--even if the market falls by 50%. Want to learn how?
  • Insure Important Outcomes
    Own a "Know So" Plan, Not a "Hope So" Plan. Combine annuities and life insurance for maximum results.
  • Lower Your Fees
    The wealthy often pay fewer fees than average investors. 401k fees can average 2% annually, 20% over ten years.
  • Cut Your Taxes
    Taxes will grab one third to one half of your life savings--unless you stop it now. Learn how-- within IRS code.